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Oct 29, 2014:We don't have any gigs scheduled for Halloween this year. Give us a call if you are in a jam without a band:)
Oct 28, 2014:These area great recordings by Elvis Jr. Check em out!
Oct 4, 2014:Join us tomorrow night, Oct 5th

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Dance and Romance! Off the Clock plays 50's, 60's, and 70's classic rock and country music! Our set lists include songs from artists like Chuck Berry, Elvis, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, CCR, Willy Nelson, and Waylon Jennings. Whether you need casual entertainment for a small venue, or a mature presentation for a large formal gathering, Off the Clock can provide a memorable time for any event. Our wide variety of songs gives a little someting for everyone to enjoy. Click on the music player to the left and listen to our band live!


4703 A Boardwalk Dr. Fort Collins, CO 80525 Office 970-226-3990 cell 970-988-7942